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Prince Property was established in July 2015. It is among the first few property management companies that set foot in Cambodia. It currently manages 550,000 square meters of property, and acting as the consultant for future 650,000 square meters of property.

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Management area



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Types of management service: residential properties, commercial and office properties, cultural tourism properties, industrial parks, agent-based asset management, security, engineering maintenance, environmental maintenance, business extension.

Prince Property advocates the core value of "continuously improving quality to meet the ever-increasing service needs of customers", and bases the sustainable development on the concept of synergy and innovation.

Prince Real Estate adheres to the concept of "Property management makes life better", serving customers wholeheartedly and acting as the industry benchmark in Cambodian.

Property under management

  • PCP 1.jpg
    Prince Central Plaza

    Floor area of 104,000 square meters, First international city complex in Phnom Penh, First international city complex in Phnom Penh Integrating commerce, high-end residence, SOHO apartment, leisure club.Total residential units 1786, 1470 units sold, 1200 units in occupancy,Occupancy rate 67%;

  • MD 2.jpg
    Prince Modern Plaza

    Prince Modern Plaza, with a total floor area of 63,000 square meters, is another showcase of commercial and residential property in Phnom Penh, serving the role as  both high end office and elite apartment.

Property Management Makes Life Better


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