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On August 9, 2023, more than 30 Cambodian media outlets were invited to participate in a media event organized by the Crown Prince Real Estate Group, to deeply observe and appreciate the...

Dingshawan Investment Promotion Club is located near the main road of Xigang, with a total construction area of 10756.1 square meters and a net construction area of 3814.13 square meters. Construction will begin at the end of May 2023 and is planned to be completed by the end of 2023. It will be put into operation in the first quarter of 2024.

The entire project design emphasizes the immersive experience of people as the main body. The sales corridor adopts a unique personality, quality, and spatial design concept, breaking the mindset of current commercial real estate marketing, and focusing on shaping deeply rooted sensory experiences and emotional resonance. The completion of the project will undoubtedly refresh people's understanding of the city and lifestyle.

Dingsha Merchants Club is built by Crown Prince Real Estate Group. The design and construction team combines cutting-edge technology with Angkor's cultural memory, injecting Angkor's unique cultural imprint into new life and space. The magnificent coastline dynamically weaves the sound, color, and light of time, and the superposition of futuristic design elements makes space a carrier of time, demonstrating the sustainable and thriving ecological development of Dingsha Merchants Club.

Strolling through the commercial center, one can better feel the changes in space between "emptiness" and "reality", as well as the changes in "light" and "shadow". The breadth of heaven and earth is evident in every square inch, and it also creates an infinite charm of imagination for tourists.

Li Jianxun, President of Crown Prince Real Estate Group, said, "We are committed to redefining people's understanding of the real estate sales experience. When designing the Dingshawan Investment Promotion Club, we use a living scene space as the carrier, interweaving architecture, technology, and coastal scenery, and adding the concept of life. While the project undertakes the initial sales function, it will also carry out commercial and community-based services in the future

In addition to its high appearance, the research and completion of Dingsha Investment Club in Xigang is also an interpretation of the ideal life by the Crown Prince Real Estate Group and Dingsha Investment Development. It is a place for the public to experience beauty and new knowledge, and a highly designed social space that allows people to enjoy natural beauty and full of opportunities. As more and more people's pursuit of the spiritual world is activated, culture flows and spreads here.

The goal of Dingsha Investment Development is to attract diverse enterprises, seek cooperation with like-minded partners, and jointly create a community full of innovative thinking and groundbreaking vision. The completion of Dingsha Investment Promotion Club will change people's understanding of Cambodia's real estate development and also mean that the industry has entered a new stage.

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