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N5 Night Market Grand Opening Attracts over 30,000 Visitors

November 24th saw the grand opening of N5 Night Market, which attracted over 30,000 visitors who patronized a total of more than 330 vendors. 


Also in attendance at the event were the mayor of Phnom Penh, H.E. Khuong Sreng, the CEO and the Vice CEO of Prince Real Estate Group, Edward Lee and Sheng Jiaqian, respectively. 

Lee indicated that the long-lasting growth of Prince Real Estate was not possible without the support of governments at all levels and the partnership with enterprises in various sectors in Cambodia. 


Believing that the success of an enterprise will contribute to the growth of an industry and the increase of job opportunities, Prince Real Estate has been active in upholding its social responsibilities through an assortment of promotional events that boost the commercial activities with regard to tourism, culture and daily consumptions. Adhering to its strategy of investment optimization and environment protection, it is committed to ‘building a better life’ and modernization of urban Cambodia through high-quality developments and efficient business operations.


H.E. Khuong Sreng gave a speech and congratulated the opening of N5 night market. He mentioned that the municipal government has placed significant resources towards ramping up the economic performance of night markets, while seeking collaboration with the private sector on building a new development model. The N5 Night Market, he believed, would serve to boost the economy of Phnom Penh.


H.E. Khuong Shreng expressed high hope in the first-class services and preservation of order to be provided by the Night Market team and in the quality of commodities sold by vendors. He also encouraged Prince to operate the N5 Night Market as a launchpad to a more robust night-life economy.

A lighting ceremony led by H.E. Khuong Sreng, Mr. Lee and Mr. Sheng followed the speech, announcing the official opening of the N5 Night Market. 


Following the opening ceremony, government officials, accompanied by Prince Real Estate executives, was given a tour of the night market, during which they conversed with vendors and market staff to learn about the running and operating of the market. 

Nursing a beer, visitors were thronging from one stall to another to taste various eats and drink and to make purchase among a dazzling collection of goods. 


The opening event culminated in a series of stunning performances by celebrity guests and bands, with passionate visitors hailing, photographing and videoing their live actions. 

The opening of the N5 Night Market is believed to bring the night-life scene of Phnom Penh to a higher level, ramping up the city’s night-market economy and commercial activities in general. 

Come to the N5 Night Market with your friends and families and enjoy a fun-filled evening with its vast offering. 

N5 Night Market: 

The N5 Night Market embodies the social undertaking by Prince Real Estate Group. With 333 stalls + 1 themed store, it encompasses everything from eats and drink to recreational activities and shopping. The night market, with ab overall area of the is 18,067 M2, offers food and drink and goods from across the globe, featuring a central stage for various activities, kid’s playground, lawn for glamping and a gaming zone. While leveling up the night-life scene of Phnom Penh, the N5 Night Market will sate the desire of residents in the area for more choices in F&B, shopping and leisure venues. 

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